Sunday, December 7, 2008

30 days for 30 years

If you have been following this blog you know I have a problem with binging, which means that I can never go for long periods of time on raw foods. My max is 21 days - is usually when PMS sets in and I lose control.

These days personal development blogger (and raw foodist) Steve Pavlina said something that caught my attention. When you want to try something out, do it for 30 days first and then see want you want to do. That way you won't keep thinking about all the things you will "miss out" on forever, etc. (and end up eating them). If you do it with a 30-day mindset, it is easier because you know that in the end you will be able to eat whatever you like (if you still do, that is!).
Yes, I had heard that sort of advice before, but for some reason it really clicked this time. Also, there is an extra bonus now. In a few months I will be turning 30 and I was telling myself how I deserve 30 days on a super healthy raw food diet. I did fill myself with junk for most of these 30 years anyway, so why not give myself a break? I could even celebrate every day in a different way, like today (day 7) I am healing from all of the traumas, bad food, or whatever I want to heal from when I was 7??
By the way, this time I am trying 80-10-10 (which I have sort of been trying - and liking - for the last months), but more on that later. Not being too strict on myself, but overall eating loadas of fruit as I always do, plus a lot of greens. Will keep posting on my progress.
What I have had today so far:
Spinach-banana-papaya-sesame-flaxseed smoothie
Fresh coconut water
Handful dates
Couple apples
Half a tomato
Some kale