Friday, June 27, 2008

101 things to do in 1001 days

This isn't directly related to raw food, but I thought it was so cool!! I originally found it on Chryselle D'Silva Dias' blog, The Inspired Writer, who in turn found it on Mridu Khullar's blog , who linked to the original idea at the Day Zero website (I'm linking to all three because they are such interesting reads!). You simply have to create a list of 101 specific things you would like to do over the next 1001 days and post it online. You can also post it on the Day Zero Website along with all the other lists (imagine all the great energy!). The Day Zero site also has a bunch of cool links to ideas such as The Happiness Project, the 100 Thing Challenge, Learning to Love You More, Book Crossing, etc. - worth checking out!

Here's my list (not necessarily in this order), starting tomorrow:

  1. Become a full-time professional writer;
  2. Get rid of binge-eating syndrome;
  3. Write a book on food;
  4. Write the two children's books that are in my head;
  5. Get something published by a big publisher;
  6. Finish the book my dad was never able to complete;
  7. Finish four other writing projects on my list;
  8. Go 100% raw for 60 days or longer and decide whether it is really what I want for life;
  9. Try the 80/10/10 raw food style;
  10. Finish fixing up my house, take advantage of it for a while and then...
  11. Move to the place of my dreams (or stay there if I think that was the place of my dreams after all);
  12. Have my dream office;
  13. Give homeschooling (or unschooling) a try;
  14. Make more progress in my "ecolifestyle" and come up with a list of things to change and how to do it;
  15. Go no-poo once and for all (well, using my favorite alternative, lemon juice);
  16. Get our family to be zero-waste;
  17. Also erradicate those plastic bags completely, once and for all;
  18. Go back to 100% composting in our yard;
  19. Have and/or adopt a 2nd child;
  20. Do water gymnastics during my pregnancy;
  21. Get weekly massages througout pregnancy;
  22. Try a natural water birth;
  23. Breastfeed for as long as I feel like;
  24. Learn shantala massage;
  25. Go live on the beach or spend at least two weeks a year on a beach;
  26. Visit Fernando de Noronha again;
  27. Take a course in Waldorf education;
  28. Enroll in a yoga class;
  29. Enroll in a belly-dancing class (especially during pregnancy);
  30. Take short family trips once a month (or once every two months);
  31. Make a long trip in northeastern Brazil;
  32. Get my photos all organized;
  33. Get all of my dad's old papers sorted and only keep the essential;
  34. Get rid of ALL my excess stuff;
  35. Get my garden going again and grow a bunch of edibles;
  36. Shower in a waterfall - more than once;
  37. Get all my pending academic papers finished and published;
  38. Finish my PhD;
  39. Start an environmental blog and/or writing project;
  40. Start a writing blog;
  41. Join the monthly blood donation campaign in my city;
  42. Meditate regularly;
  43. Take regular walks before sunrise;
  44. Plant a tree a week as soon as I get back home (and as long as I live in a place I can);
  45. Go on a real vacation, as a family;
  46. Have a whole weekend for myself, preferably away from home;
  47. Go camping;
  48. Go diving;
  49. Do something that tests my physical and bravery limits (birthing doesn't count!);
  50. Play maracatu;
  51. Go out to dance with my husband;
  52. Finish the undergrad course in environmental management that I dropped out of years ago;
  53. Go back to the orthodontist and finish fixing my teeth;
  54. Take a train somewhere;
  55. Take a boat somewhere;
  56. Start a "vacation savings account";
  57. Fix up my dad's grave;
  58. Pamper myself and have a day doing everything I like;
  59. Spend a week at a spa;
  60. Learn first aid;
  61. Make a mosaic sign with the number of our house;
  62. Visit all of the museums in our city;
  63. Get our "word a year" family project going;
  64. Sleep in the moonlight;
  65. Go back to the beach we started dating and spend a week there;
  66. Make a real time capsule for my woman's group;
  67. Spend a whole day with my best childhood friends, remembering the old times;
  68. Complete my training to become a certified doula;
  69. Take care of my pending health issues;
  70. Accompany my mom to all of her doctors once a year;
  71. Do something challenging/scary to me once a month;
  72. Take a practical course on permaculture;
  73. Have the anniversary celebration of our dreams;
  74. Try surfing at least once;
  75. Go bodyboarding;
  76. Learn good eye exercises and do them several times a day;
  77. Have green juice every day no matter what;
  78. Have professional photos taken of myself and family;
  79. Have professional photos taken of myself during pregnancy;
  80. Go out once a month with our goddaughters;
  81. Donate my father's remaining books that I don't want;
  82. Improve my astral projection skills and write down my experiences;
  83. Learn reiki;
  84. Take at least one more course at Intercampi;
  85. Visit the Chapada Diamantina;
  86. Visit southern Brazil;
  87. Set aside more couple time;
  88. List 100 things that make me happy;
  89. Perfect our family "dream board" and care for it regularly;
  90. Read the Tao;
  91. Try any of the martial arts;
  92. Learn new fun things to play with my son;
  93. Renew my drivers license and learn how to drive well again;
  94. Take a speech course;
  95. Take a sculpting class;
  96. Visit Pedra de Ingá again;
  97. Do a juice fast once a week (except when pregnant/breastfeeding);
  98. Finish the "dandelion path" in my front yard;
  99. Learn ASL;
  100. Celebrate the 1001th day doing whatever I want!

P.S. Just created a separate blog for this (Aug. 29, 2008)


Sarah said...

Wonderful list! We have many goals in common. Particularly many in the first 18 or so. :D

Café Chick said...

All the best with your list! I've just posted mine today, although it's not quite as ambitious as yours. Still, I like a challenge!